Travelling north from Bathurst you will pass through Wattle Flat.  There is an old stone church on the main road and here you can take the 'Buurree Walking Trail' which is a leisurely 3 hour stroll where you will see ruins and remnants of the goldrush era, as well as local fauna and flora. A pamphlet is available from the Sofala Souvenir Shop.
A short distance - approx 12 km from Sofala is the Turon Technology Museum covering power technologies during the years 1850-1950. Spread over six buildings on over an acre of grounds there are all sorts of steam turbines, hot-bulb engines, internal combustion engines, diesel engines and more.  Open mainly weekends and public holidays, there are picnic areas, toilets and a kiosk.
Just 8 km down the road is Sofala another colourful old gold town nestling in the steep hills of the Turon valley and beside the Turon River.    Another town created because of a goldrush in the 1800s, Sofala is one of 'Australia's oldest surviving gold towns',
with an authentic old world charm. 
The goldrush brought thousands to the area and the Royal Hotel and the old General Store were both built in 1851 with this influx.  Of an original 40 hotels, the Royal hotel is the only one that remains.  Quaint timber buildings dominate the two main streets of the village .
Being so picturesque and authentic makes it a favourite spot for artists.  The Turon Hills were Australia's second biggest goldfield.
Sofala, Central West NSW...another colourful old Australian gold town
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Hill End NSW
Hill End in Central West NSW was among the greatest of Australian goldfields
Central West NSW
...another colourful old Australian gold town
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Overlooking SofalaOverlooking SofalaDriving into Sofala - up the Main Street. )Photo courtesy of Paul Dudley)Sofala Main StreetSofala Main StreetSofala Main StreetSofala Main StreetSofala Main Street3 Stages of the old Sofala General Store. (1st photo courtesy of Paul Dudley)Sofala buildingSofala Royal Hotel
Sofala village is located approximately 250km north-west of Sydney, within Bathurst Regional Council.  Sofala is around 50km north from Bathurst travelling along the sealed Bathurst-Ilford Road.  It is just off the Bathurst-Ilford Road, with only local traffic going through the town itself.

From Sofala to Hill End, it is approximately 38km along an unsealed road.
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Things to do in Sofala are -
  • camping and prospecting along the Turon River (small quantities of gold dust can still be recovered)
  • walking treks and cycling in the picturesque are
  • historical walks and tours around the village
  • painting - there is a picture to be painted around every corner
  • photographers treasure trove
Hill End in Central West NSW was among the greatest of Australian goldfields
Bathurst NSW Central Tablelands, Central West - the home of Mount Panorama racing circuit, and the oldest inland settlement in Australia.
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