Peter Brock still holds the record for the most Wins at the Mount Panorama Racing Circuit.
  • 9 Wins from 30 starts - 1972 - 1987.
Farewell Messages to Peter Brock at Bathurst Mount Panorama.
In Memory of Peter Brock - at Mount Panorama, Bathurst:
Peter Brock 1945 - 2006:
Peter Brock is known by many as "King of the Mountain' and one of the best racing drivers Australia has seen. 
After his tragic death in 2006 a large proportion of the 194,000 race spectators also came to say farewell to him.  In doing so they decorated the safety wall at the top of the mountain with thousands of farewell messages.
At the National Motor Racing Museum you can view the Peter Brock tribute book which also has thousands of farewell messages recorded.
Peter Brock first raced at Bathurst in the (then named) Bathurst 500 in 1969.  This was, and still is, Australia's most prestigious endurance road race.
He won the race for the first time in 1972.
In 1979 he won the race by six laps, and broke the circuit lap record on his final lap.
Another point of interest is that in 32 starts at Mount Panorama he claimed pole position a record six times.
These are the results that earned him the title....
'King of the Mountain'.
He will be missed...
The Bathurst 1000 winner's trophy has now been re-named to the Peter Brock Trophy in honour of his achievements at Mount Panorama and in recognition of his major contribution to Australian motorsport.
Peter Brock also received these awards -
  • Member of the Order of Australia (1980)  -  For service to the sport of motor racing.
  • Australian Sports Medal  - (2000)
More Farewells to Peter Brock
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Farewell Messages to Peter Brock at Bathurst 2006.
Farewell messages to Peter Brock
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The tributes to Peter Brock that were written on the wall have been painted over by the authorities. We will keep them on this page as a reminder.
Peter Brock Tribute:
At National Motor Racing Museum
Peter Brock Memorial - Mount Panorama Bathurst -  Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, Bathurst 1000, V8 Super Cars, Bathurst 24 hour race.  Bathurst Central Tablelands NSW Australia.
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