Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust manage the Jenolan Caves. We thank them for allowing us to use some of their images and information.
Visit the Jenolan Caves Website and the Jenolan Caves Historical Society
There is lots to do at Jenolan - between cave tours, enjoy the  free above ground activities.

See the magnificent surrounding scenery by exploring the many walking tracks, the open archways, the Blue Lake and the Jenolan River.  Have a leisurely picnic lunch by the Blue Lake or along one of the bushwalks and discover some of the native wildlife, including kangaroos and platypus.
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Jenolan Caves
Central West NSW will see beautiful formations in pinks, oranges, browns and milk-white in these amazing caves.
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Jenolan Caves HouseJenolan Caves HouseArriving at Jenolan CavesJenolan Caves NSWJenolan Caves Blue Mountains NSWTake the River Walk - the Jenolan River, Waterfall and lake.Devil's Coach House Cave, Jenolan Caves NSW
Chifley Cave - Jenolan Caves NSWJenolan Caves NSWLucas Cave - Jenolan Caves NSWOrient Cave - Jenolan Caves NSWPool of Cerberus Cave - Jenolan Caves NSWRibbon Cave - The Shrine - Jenolan Caves NSW"Concerts in the Cave" - Cathedral Chamber of the Lucas Cave - Jenolan Caves NSW
Jenolan Caves House and Jenolan Caves surrounds
Just a taste of some of the beauty of the Jenolan Caves.
Click any image to view the larger image gallery slideshow.
Click any image to view the larger image gallery slideshow.
There are guided tours of eleven spectacular show caves where you will see beautiful formations in pinks, oranges, browns and milk-white.
Take your time, relax and explore the magic that is Jenolan’s underworld -.

  • Spectacular Show Caves
  • Underground Rivers
  • Adventure Caving
  • Ghost Tours
  • Concerts in the Caves
Formations in caves such as Jenolan take centuries to form.  Water seeping through cracks contains limestone which, when it comes in contact with the air, results in a film of lime carbonate on each drop.  Stalactites grow downward, stalagmites upward from drops falling from stalactites, and when the two meet it becomes a column.  Straw stalactites are thin tube-like structures whilst other formations are shawls and terraces.
Your arrival at Jenolan Caves is through the spectacular twenty-four-metre high Grand Arch (one of the largest limestone arches in the Southern Hemisphere).
Charming Federation-style Jenolan Caves House was constructed in 1898 after fire partially destroyed the original buildings from 1887.
Situated in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Jenolan Caves are among the world’s finest and oldest cave systems.  These limestone caves at Jenolan are one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions and generally acknowledged as the best caves in Australia.
The arches in the moutainside - Grand Arch, the Devil's Coachhouse and Carlotta Arch - and other bush tracks may be explored at any time for free.
Starting opposite Caves House you can take the Carlotta Arch Walk - this will lead you to Carlotta Arch where there are wonderful views of the Blue Lake.  Then walk down through the Devil's Coach House and return to Caves House via the Grand Arch.  
On every third and fourth Saturday of the month there are "Concerts in the Cave" - in the Cathedral Chamber of the Lucas Cave.
3rd Sat - Cello Concerts in the cave - with Georg Mertens
4th Sat - Gypsy Concerts in the cave - with the Paganini Duo
Click here for more information and Calender dates
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