Bathurst NSW Engineering - Industrial & commercial engineering & metalwork fabrication.  Workshop & on-site design, project management services - Sheet metal fabrication, pressure welding, Tig welding,stainless steel design & fabrication, aluminium products & fabrication, pipework insulation & cladding..... .  Geological services and supplies to drillin, mining and exploration companies.
Bathurst  Engineering, Geological Services & Supplies - Bathurst Business Services
Business Services, Homes Services and Service & Repairs in Bathurst
Industrial and commercial engineering, metalwork fabrication and design.  Stainless Steel fabrication and design.  Tig and Pressure welding, pipework insulation, project management, specialist supplies.
B. C. Industries are your one stop shop for Pressure Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Products & Fabrication, Pipework insulation & cladding and plant maintenance.  Bathurst & Central West NSW Engineering & Metal Fabrication.
B. C. Industries
Sheet Metal Fabrication - pressure welding, pipework insulation & cladding....
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Bathurst NSW Engineering - workshop & on-site design, project management services.  Geological services and supplies. Business Services & supplies in Bathurst Central West NSW.
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Bathurst NSW Central Tablelands, Central West - the home of Mount Panorama racing circuit, and the oldest inland settlement in Australia.
Bathurst  |  Blayney  |  Carcoar  |  Georges Plains  |  Hill End  |  Neville  |  Perthville  |  Rockley  |  Sofala  |  Wattle Flat  | Villages   ..and surrounding areas.