The Blayney Windfarm consists of 15 Turbines.

The capacity of the windfarm (10 megawatts) is enough to supply the annual electricity needs of 3, 500 average Australian homes.
Environment 'Friendly' Electricity

In the Blayney rural environment co-existing with local farming this wind farm delivers green power.
A clean energy without any greenhouse gas emissions.
Compared to coal-fired generated electricity, this windfarm saves 8,000 tonnes/year of carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time reduces the need for fossil fuel generation that produces greenhouse gases.

To ensure there is no significant disturbance to the natural environment by the windfarm, detailed studies of potential impacts related to noise, visual impact, birds and fauna were taken. Computer modelling of the wind patterns were taken to place the turbines so they would provide the most efficient but also aesthetically pleasing layout.
Blayney Wind Farm, near Bathurst, Central Tablelands NSW Australia
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Historic Carcoar
Carcoar is a village of untouched 19th century charm.
Blayney Wind Farm
Central West NSW
..consisting of 15 Turbines.
Abercrombie Caves
View the spectacular cavern system of Abercrombie Caves.
Bathurst NSW Central Tablelands, Central West - the home of Mount Panorama racing circuit, and the oldest inland settlement in Australia.
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..the closest Blayney Shire town to the spectacular cavern system of Abercrombie Caves.
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